DISTRIBUTED BY: CHANGING LIVES LLC.

                                                                  MULTI- PURPOSE
Available in quarts, gallons, drums and totes, ADVANTAGE 20X is natural, safe and non-irritating to the skin. It is patented emulsion agent cuts through oils, grease and grime leaving surfaces and cleaning material free of residual oil and grease.

Hundreds of uses

Extraordinary Cleaning Power

Bio-degradeable, non-toxic, no phosphates

SAFE around CHILDREN & ANIMALS (meets PETA standards)
CLEAR  is fragrance free and ideal for carpets, floors, painted surfaces, sidings, and  walls with ink, crayon and pencil stains. Use with lighter color fabrics and carpets.
LAVENDER  is ideal for use in the homes, restrooms, office buildings, locker rooms, and lodging establishments. Emulsifies soap scum, grease, and grime.
CITRUS  works well on hard water stains, oxidation, and difficult oil and grease stains. Tough enough to remove oil from the driveway yet gentle enough for delicate fabrics.
GREEN APPLEworks especially well for removing mildew and mold. Also excellent for pet stains, bathrooms, kitchens and automobile exteriors and interiors.
Ultra concentrated, eco-friendly ADVANTAGE 20X not only cleans anything and everything, it is also affordable---
add water and one concentrated quart makes 20 or more quarts of ready-to-use cleaner.